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Patrick has specialized in labor relations since researching and writing his undergraduate thesis while attending Floridaʼs honors college: New College of Florida. His research on the public sector labor organizations of teachers, police and firefighters, focused on whether they had the right to unionize and collectively bargain in a right to work state.

On his professional path, his employers have sent him into troublesome labor environments to engage, promote and sustain a satisfactory workplace for both labor and management. He has set up conflict management systems to promote openness and accessibility from the shop floor to company decision makers. He has been integral in designing company EAP systems.

Patrick currently works in the utility construction safety industry and has experience working out conflict issues with OSHA Standards, DOT Regulations, Interstate Trucking Regulations, Bonding Collections, Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Purchasing and Customer Service.

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts from New College, Mr. Keller earned a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University. He was a featured speaker at the 2012 International Online Dispute Resolution Forum in Prague.

E-Mail:  pkeller743@sbcglobal.net


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