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Apr 21st


By danielrainey

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The first volume of The International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution is in the editing process now, and should be ready for distribution at the ODR Forum in San Francisco/San Jose in June, and the first volume should be free online.  Here is a draft of the introduction to the journal’s first volume:


The publication of this, the first edition of the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution, marks an important milestone in the evolution of ODR: creation of a dedicated outlet for discussion, disputation, and theory-building in the increasingly complex border between “traditional” dispute/conflict engagement and technology.


The articles in this inaugural volume demonstrate the breadth of the impact of ODR, and the myriad directions from which one may approach the interaction of ADR and ODR. Katsh and Rabinvich-Einy discuss the disruptive nature of technology, particularly as it applies to the concept of justice and justice systems. Rainey outlines the profound nature of the impact of technology on the ethics of third party work. Abdel Wahab reviews the status of ODR as a field, while Philippe highlights the complexity involved in developing online arbitration for commercial disputes. Lauritsen explores the nature of decision-making and how technology can assist in dispute resolution environments, and Zeleznikow reviews a recent publication dedicated to a “Eurocentric” discussion of “agreement technologies.” Finally, in a feature that will appear in every volume, the most recent developments in ODR are outlined in “ODR News.”


As the co-Editors-in-Chief for this journal, we are dedicated to bringing into print and digital media the latest, most critical thinking about ODR, drawn from every corner of the globe – a globe that has, as the cliché goes, been made much smaller by the technology we use to create and resolve disputes.



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