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HSI engages in a wide range of conflict engagement activities, from training to mediation to systems design.  Examples of work done by the HSI principals are:

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Facilitation of group discussion:

Most recently, Julia Morelli was involved as a facilitator in multi-party discussions about the discipline policy for the Fairfax County (VA) school system.





Training Design and Delivery:

Daniel Rainey was involved in a project for Raytheon, designing and delivering training in negotiation to a group preparing for contract negotiations among domestic and international partners.





ADR/ODR System Design:

Daniel Rainey was involved in a project for the US Army MEDCOM in reaction to the 2007 problems at the Walter Reed Medical Center.  Over the course of several months in 2007 and 2008, a design was produced and implemented that put in place an online portal to the Ombudsman Office, and placed Ombudsmen in multiple MEDCOM locations around the world.



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