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Julia Morelli has over twenty-five years of experience as a mediator, facilitator, manager and consultant. She is President of Holistic Solutions, Inc., a principal with Fourth Party Solutions (4PS) and the President of the George Mason University (GMU) Instructional Foundation. In these capacities she serves as a mediator, manager, coach and consultant.

 In addition, she provides facilitation and organizational development services, and training in dispute resolution, cultural issues and diversity, the use of technology in conflict management, and stress management. Her client list includes government agencies, schools, corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations. Her training includes work with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, she teaches yoga and qigong, and whenever it is appropriate, she incorporates these techniques into her practice.

 She is co-author of “Culture and Breaking Impasse in Dispute Resolution,” published in Definitive Creative Impasse-Breaking Techniques in Mediation, (New York A.B.A., 2011); and “Developing Embodied Awareness and Action in Conflict Resolution,” in Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution: Toward a Multidimensional Approach (2016, edited by Rachel Goldberg).

 She is member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and serves on the Board of Peaceable Dragon. Frequently she presents at various mediation and dispute resolution conferences, regularly attends the International Conference on Online Dispute Resolution, and is a regular guest lecturer at George Mason University.


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