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Daniel was just a delegate/presenter at the World Justice Forum V in The Hague, where he was part of an InternetBar.Org team presenting a new project to establish digital, verifiable identities.  The project will start with refugees, and then move to other “invisible” populations.  An audio recording of his introduction to the presentation can be found on his blog at www.danielrainey.us

In mid-July he and Alan Tidwell will be in Dublin, Ireland, to present training in mediation techniques for the customer experience staff at airbnb.

On July 31, he will conduct training for social workers at the VA hospital in Memphis, TN, and for legal aid lawyers who will be involved in a pilot project to deliver family law services to veterans.  The project will be available free to veterans referred by the VA social workers, and will use a technology platform developed by Chris Draper at Trokt.  The goal is to expand the project to include a wide range of online legal services for Legal Aid, veterans, and the public.

In June, he served as a planning committee member and panel moderator for the International ODR Forum in Paris, sponsored by the ICC and other dispute resolution organizations.  His introductory remarks for the panel on ODR Standards can be found as a blog post on http://danielrainey.us.  Also in June, he served as the editor-in-chief for the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution, which just released the first edition of it’s third volume.  Earlier this year, he delivered the keynote address at the annual Texas Association of Mediators conference in San Antonio, Texas.  An audio recording of the keynote, entitled, “Technology and Mediation:  Evolution, Not Revolution,” can be found here:  Evolution Not Revolution

In October, 2017, he will become the most recent recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Mary Parker Follett Award for innovation in dispute resolution.


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